Wednesday, March 24, 2010


There have been a few "moments" that I have captured lately that it's about time I take the time to share on my blog:
First things boy lost his very first tooth!

So he's in the back seat of my car as we drive home the evening the Tooth Fairy is supposed to show up, and he says, "Mommy, I'm going to write a note to the tooth fairy."
me: "What will it say?"
him: "That I want $100 and 55 cents."
me: "You shouldn't tell the tooth fairy how much money you want."
him: "Oh."

Later he hands me a note that says:

He wrote: "How | many | money | can I get $__| __"
Obviously the Tooth Fairy added her note when she took his tooth from under his pillow.

Then there was my own personal annual first sign of farm boy planting his seedlings:

Cutest lil helper and her most incredibly patient daddy.

My farm boy and his farm girl with her Gurneys seed pack -- which nobody told her to hold up.

My boy painted a bird house for his beloved birds swarming our yard on these first days of spring:

My girl simply never leaves her very best friend's side. No seriously, I ain't jokin'. She never leaves her alone. All day. Every day.

Except when she takes a break to play some cards with her other pals:

To clean themselves up after all this fun, one night they made an especially bubbly bath....

These are some projects I worked on after they were tucked into their lil beds....

The changing pad for the changing table my dad made.

A wee purse for my birthday girlfren' who collects wee purses.

I had to end with the projects I've finished because I think they may be the last for a very long time. I don't have anything close to the energy I had just a couple weeks ago...and that wasn't even much. It's become next to nil at this point. I will be literally dragging my very tired feet to the end of this pregnancy journey. Hopefully I will be able to make time for canning all the wonderful fruits and veggies Mr. Incredible and his incredible helpers have planted once the wee babes join our family...of six. *gulp*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I heart NYC

Oh how I love New York City. I love everything about it -- although I don't think I would want to raise my family there. It is one of my favorite places to visit...especially at Christmas and in the spring. I decided I needed to get away with my main squeeze before the babes are outta me and taking over my world, so I planned a weekend getaway with my wonderful friend who has a big huge birthday comin' up in June...and I knew I wouldn't be able to properly celebrate when I had two newborns screaming for food and diaper changes every hour or so.... She and her hubby were nice enough to fly to the East Coast from Minnesota to meet us in NYC for a grand ole time in the Big Apple. And what fun we had.... Here is the slide show she put together and let me put on this here blog 'o mine:

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Photos of yourself as a pregnant momma are rarely a good thing for the momma to see, but alas, while my face gets fatter and my bod puffs up, my only thoughts are whether the babes are healthy and growing. That's all that matters, really. I am thankful every day as I deal with all the woes of this last trimester that the wee nuggets in my belly are healthy and growing. I know I've said this in almost every post, but I simply can't stress it enough how lucky I feel to have two healthy babes out of my belly and in. It is not something to be taken for granted.

Hence, my weekend in NYC was slow-paced, relaxed and a perfect "calm before the storm". Oh and what a storm I have ahead of me......

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

week 29

Look how dang cute these two lil heads in my big belly are:

I mean come ON! Nuzzlin' up to each other as cute as they can be....

Here's the face of baby #2...check out them cheeks!!

So they are doing well, growing well (3.5 lbs EACH!! Yes, that would be 7 lbs. of baby in my belly and I still have at least two months to go...the months they grow the most...yikes....) and I am one very slow-moving momma. These babes suck every single bit of energy they can outta my ole bod. Knowing they are doing well makes it worth it though. The amniotic fluid in the sac of babe#1 is just a smidge low so the doc wants to monitor it more closely. Add those additional appts. to my twice a week non-stress tests, and add those to my regular bi-weekly appts. with my OB, I might as well just camp out at the doc's office until these babes are ready to come out.

There were a few more things I wanted to talk about in this post, but, if you really want to know the truth, I am completely exhausted. I honestly can't believe how utterly worn out I am at the end of the day. My body just screams for me to lie down and rest. So...I will.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

resting while working

I have entered my third trimester and boy do I feel it. I am sooooo t i r e d at the end of every day. The mornings I feel horrid (very slow moving and nauseous), the afternoons I feel great and at night my body is completely exhausted and feels like I have run a marathon (I have actually run a marathon, so I do truly do know what it feels like).

So...because I am determined to keep these babes in my belly as long as possible and therefore as healthy as possible when they are born, I get into bed fairly early every night. I'm not one who can just lie in bed, so I always have a crafty project to work on while I rest my achy, stretched out muscles -- and watch my tivo'd shows. Some of the projects I've completed are:

He lost his knit hat that was given to him when he was born and he LOVED that hat (and so did I), so we were bummed (I was more than he was...he didn't quite understand the sentimental value of it). So...I found a great pattern (thanks Carie!!) and off I went to make him a new one -- and let him choose the yarn.

Since my girl was with us while we were at the yarn store, she of course wanted to pick out some yarn too, so I let her (they were on sale, the hat is adorable, so why not?):

Spring is in the air, Easter is coming and these were so much dang fun to make with some scrap fabrics I had laying around:

I'm now off to bed to start making a baby gift for a friend.... It feels so good to rest AND be industrious -- I love my evenings in bed! So do the babes -- they have their own little party in my belly every night while I work. They settle down just when I am ready to go to sleep. They are very well behaved far.......

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hello again....

There are some weeks I simply don't feel like taking the time to update my blog. The past few weeks were those kind of weeks. Quite a bit has happened in that time, so I will review in pictures:

First, it was winter break for our friends in Providence, RI who came up for a visit for two days...and we made yummy cupcakes (I made them a liiiiittle bit different...but this blog has the basics of the recipe I used. It's kinda hard for them NOT to be scrumptious!):

Amidst most of the past two weeks there were...the Olympics. I love, love, love watching exceptional athletes from around the world come together and compete during two weeks every two years. These athletes are SO MUCH more worthy of awards, adulation and respect than the "paparazzi fluff" out there. I can not imagine being that dedicated and having that much competitive spirit to train like these athletes train -- not to mention the dedication of the parents. I think everything about a true athlete is honorable and admirable. I don't happen to be anything close to an athletic sorta gal (I stink at every sport, but I'll try anything!), but I sure have an appreciation for those who are!

Being a graphic designer, I must mention the gorgeous graphics of this Olympics...I mean seriously -- the graphics of the Vancouver Olympics 2010 were spectacular. So consistent and well branded -- and so very beautiful (the mascot thingy must have been designed way before the rest of the graphics and by another designer because it was NOT consistent or beautiful...and stuck out like a sore thumb).

Then...I got sick. Oh boy did I get sick. I honestly and truly don't remember being as sick as I was for two whole days during my lil boy's winter break. I was nauseous, I had NO energy (like...NONE), my eyes wouldn't stop watering and they were puffy and red, my entire head felt like it was going to blow up with all the pounds and pounds of gunk that I kept having to blow outta my nose. I went through about 3 boxes of kleenex. It was disgusting.

(my boy made an adorable "I LOVE YOU" note that fell into the garbage beside my bed -- since I was fairly constantly IN bed...and I didn't realize it was there when I took the pic)
I truly don't remember the last time I was that sick. Mr. Incredible kept telling me I looked like hell warmed over -- and I truly did. He had every right to say it because that is how I looked -- and felt. I couldn't do anything or go anywhere and meanwhile kindergarten was off that week for winter break so my poor kidlings had to keep themselves busy those two days -- and they were un-freaking-believably good. I was beyond proud of them. My boy was the best big bro any sis ever had.

Then came the "Snowicane 2010". Wow. That was soooome storm, lemme tell you. I thought it was going to blow our roof off -- and it turns out.... it did:

There were shingles EVERYWHERE in our yard. I picked them all up -- I felt like Dorothy after the tornado...except I wasn't following any yellow brick road er nuthin':

I can't tell you how many times I had tried to open this gate this winter, but it was blocked by frozen ground -- even my full weight couldn't push it open. Apparently the Snowicane had no problem opening it (note the indentation in the ground):

Our back yard was an absolute mess (debris, toys and shingles everywhere -- although it's hard to tell what's what in this picture) and the top of the play set was blown off:

Our entire bbq grill was moved (do you know how heavy that thing is??), the cover was completely blown off and part of the bbq itself was blown off:

And, of course, our power went out during the storm. Our power goes out almost every single storm. That's why Mr. Incredible finally bought a generator. Thank goodness. This time it was out from Thursday night (night of the storm) to Monday night...or, well, I think it was Sunday night, but I had no clue it came back on until I noticed a neighbor say on Facebook that her power was on. I am always the last to know..... Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible was out of town for business and I had to lug around two jugs of gasoline to fill the dang generator. Gas spills. Gas is stinky. So I was stinky. Yuck. And the power was back on and I didn't even know it. Good times.

So there you have it. There are a few other things that I was able to accomplish these past couple weeks, but I'll save those for another blog update. I have been extremely industrious and crafty these past few months! It has been so much fun! Why the heck couldn't I get this motivated when I wasn't preggers???? Who knows......

But I do know my current intense motivation is the knowledge that oh so soon ALL of my time will be taken up by feeding two wee babes and changing diapers and burping and soothing and cooing and watching them grow... and learn... and cry... and laugh....