Monday, March 26, 2012

the snowless winter days

I took these pictures the first week of February and I never took the time to post them. They represent many a winter's day this year. It was an incredibly mild winter...and I'm one of those weird people who LOVES snow and a good nor'easter to pile up a few feet (yes, feet, not inches) of snow on the ground. 

HOWEVER...I very much appreciated not having to bundle up my boys every day in full-body (and uncomfortable) snowsuits and that they were able to play outside so many days without whining about the cold and the scary snow everywhere (for some reason they are scared of walking on snow...maybe because this winter it was a very foreign substance.....). They probably spent more time outside this winter than inside. Fine with me! Fresh air is always good for some rosy cheeks and some long naps...and a lot fewer trips to the doctor!! 

I should also mention that last week was the first week of spring and we had record breaking, mid-80º temps for most of the week -- 40º above normal!! Shorts and t-shirts in the middle of March! It was too hot for me. But now it's back to normal with temps in the 40s this week. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but I'm glad the cold is back. I'm not a fan of sweating all day...especially when my wardrobe isn't ready for it.

Happy spring everyone!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

a divine spring weekend

Thank you to Soren for this spring picture!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

the joys of reading

There has been quite a bit of reading going on the past few I had to share the joy....
(I myself just finished "The Hunger Games" and it was a very fast was an intense, interesting storyline/idea, a bit warped and definitely engaging book. I can't wait to see the movie!)

Soren has begun to read chapter books and is soaking it all up. Reading has become one of his favorite pastimes. As any mom would, I am loving it!! (I took this picture during the NFL playoffs...he picked this book out at his library. He was into all things Packers...just like his daddy!)

Anna Clara LOOOOOVES to "read" (she's not quite reading yet, but she sure makes an effort!!) to her brothers. This is a daily morning ritual in our home as they eat their breakfast. She also "reads" to them at night and any other chance she gets. She loves school so much she pretends like she's in school even when she's not -- CONSTANTLY practicing her writing (her handwriting is it should be considering how much time she spends working on it!) and teaching her students (her stuffed animals) everything she learned. She sounds just like her teacher is dang funny.

Reading to her favorite doll, Kit, before bedtime.

Anders decided to grab a book and climb into his high chair to do a lil reading....
Oh no! And then what happened...?
Yup, I'm reading "Snow White". You gotta problem with that?

Soren picked this book out at his library in school just for his lil bros.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

a messy moment

I left the kitchen for just a moment and was in the next room when I heard an ominous noise of something being poured of course I do what every blogging mother does and grab my camera.....

Hmmm...I think I'll do a little light reading while I'm at it....

Rice Crispies by the handful. Nice.

My own personal clean-up crew.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


It's March and we FINALLY had our first snow of 2012. Our first snow of the winter, really. I am of a rare breed who LOOOOVES snow. Thankfully so do my children.

Well...two of them anyway.

It's cold and I hate this suit!
Seriously mom. Get me out of this suit.

Their snow joy was fleeting....

(Yes, those are plastic bags covering their shoes. Why buy boots for one snowstorm? Thankfully, their snowsuits were hand-me-downs. Like most of their clothes.)

Mr. Incredible was on a business trip for most of the week, but made it home in time to build our first (and probably only) snowman of the winter!

Bye bye snow. It's supposed to get to 60º this week. Well, at least we had one snowstorm this winter! And it was during winter vacation week, so we were able to thoroughly enjoy it...although I was snowed in because Jim was out of town and I had no idea how I was going to clear our driveway for an hour while my two terrors were inside terrorizing my home..... Thankfully, I didn't need to get out anyway. The five of us kept ourselves plenty busy...and I honestly have no idea what we did that kept us so busy, but we were busy.... (How does that happen?) Jim was home today so I was able to take the older ones to a fantabulous sledding hill we passed on the way home from church. It was the BEST sledding hill I think I have ever been on. It was the perfect way to spend the last day of winter break. I love snow!!!! (I hope we get more...but I doubt it...spring is coming! It hardly feels like we had a winter....)