Thursday, November 20, 2008

giggle time

There is just nothing better than watching your kids have some serious giggle time. I gave each of them a bowl of frozen blueberries, and when AC finished hers, Soren said, "I'll share mine with you!" and off they went into about 15 minutes of giggling while feeding each other....

There was more giggle time in the bathtub when bubbles stuck to AC's face and Soren said, "You look like Santa!" and of course then put bubbles on his face....

ho ho ho!

or is it heh heh heh...!?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a breath of color, and a breath of relief

I need color in my world. Beige is not a color. Apparently the people who owned our house before us thought it was and decided to paint almost the entire house with blandness. I can not live in a House of Bland. As soon as Jim heard he was keeping his job, Jim said, "Let's paint!" and I said, "I'm already painting!" ( that wasn't really how it went, but you get the point....). honor of today, when Jim was finally told that it is "official" and confirmed that yes, his name was on the list to be laid off (he was told in July that his "group" at Wyeth was going to be "eliminated" in October/November time frame) -- but because he is someone they don't want to lose (who would??), a job has been made for him and he now officially and oh so thankfully (I can't possibly be more thankful....) is staying at Wyeth and we are staying in New Hampshire! YIPPEE! See -- being a dutiful, responsible and a hard, hard, hard worker DOES pay off!! Aren't I lucky to be married to someone who is all of those things and then some? Yup. I am. I was honor of today, which happens to be Veteran's Day 2008 (I am also grateful to our veterans -- who also work hard!!), here is the unveiling of my new House of Color:


~ LIVING ROOM BEFORE (the week we moved in)



~ DINGING ROOM AFTER (I painted this last spring, but I thought I'd include anyway....)

~ all 3 rooms

My tall man at work at the high spots (I was beyond grateful for his tallness...I was NOT looking forward to painting up that high!!):

Soren's first attempt at taking a picture of us...well, his best of about 5 shots -- lots of them of our butts. Nice.

My patient little playmates:

The kidlings could not possibly have been better while we painted. They just went with the flow, found a space amongst the clutter to paint (kid paint, obviously), draw and play with stickers while we got our job done. They were practically perfect in every way -- and we painted 2 coats in 2 huge rooms in 2 days! Jim was on a roll -- I would never have done it without him cracking the whip to make it happen. See...I told you he was a hard worker. Wyeth is so lucky to have him and I'm so glad they know it....finally. *sigh* We can finally breathe easy and enjoy our new, and improved, New Hampshire home....