Monday, April 25, 2011

bizy spring dayz

The past few weeks have been a bit messy.

There's been a lot going on and little time to do the blog thang.

But I'll try to give a quick review as there have been a few changes around here.

The boys are loving their play pen...and they especially love to stand up in it. They aren't crawling yet, but they sure love to stand up whenever they can.

Especially Anders...who has learned how to stand up in his crib...

...and is pleased as punch with his new trick (even with his blanket sleeper on).

But, hmmm...looks like he got himself into some mischief while he was at it....

Yep, that's right. The first of many times I will find my boys have destroyed something.... (who knew an 11 month old could tear out a thermostat from the wall with his bear hands!)

Yeah, like I can get mad at that face????

There's also been a lot of playing goin' on. Or, should I say, sister torture goin' on....

As usual, Anders just goes with the flow and could care less what his sister does to him.

Niels, on the other hand, wouldn't have anything to do with it. This is the only picture I could get with him dressed up. He had those glasses and hat off as soon as my girl let go.

She of course had to rock out as well.

We've also had picnics on the sunny days...

...and puddle chalking on the rainy days....

Mr. Incredible flew out to Wisconsin to get his dad's truck he bought at his family's estate auction and drove it home.

He took Soren with him and they had a daddy/son road trip that probably won't be forgotten by our little man any time soon. Or ever.

He's done got himself a TRUCK!!!! This is one happy man. A dream come true for finally get his own truck. And it was his dad's, which makes it all that much sweeter.

Then there was Easter and all its trimmings....

(My mom came for a quick visit one weekend and decorated this tree)

(Anna Clara took this picture and I liked its perspective)

We keep our egg decorating simple.

I told them to "be natural" and this is what they did.

My cutey boys....

These sweater vests just kill me. I can hardly stand how cute they look in them.

Spring is sure springing around here....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my girl

My girl is 5.

I made butterfly cupcakes for her preschool class.

And her requested castle cake for our lil party at home.

This was not an easy cake..and I was a bit frustrated with it by the time I finished. It was slowly falling apart...but it made it to her blowing the candles.....

I see her growing up by the day. She is getting to be a better and better listener and helper. She is an absolutely incredible big sister to her two lil bros. I couldn't possibly ask for anyone better.

She can't get enough of her little brothers. She is constantly giving them toys -- whether they want 'em or not!

She still excels at whining, but it's not as constant. She still has a few issues with going potty, but the accidents are finally few and far between. She still is my very favorite little girl in the entire world...cuz she's mine.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

double laughter

While I'm on the subject of laughing.... I FINALLY was able to get a video of both my boys laughing at the same time. I love how different their laughs are. Niels laughs more easily and giggly, while it's much more difficult to make Anders laugh -- but when he does, it comes from deep in his chest. I have no doubt I have many, many hours of laughter in my future with these two.....