Sunday, February 27, 2011

sittin' pretty

Well, my boys are finally sitting nine months old.

First Anders sat for a couple weeks.



Then Niels joined him and now they are having so much fun playing together while sitting. It is so. dang. cute. I can hardly stand it. Seriously. I still can't believe I have twins. And I still can't believe how much dang fun it is to have two lil boys who absolutely adore each other at such a young age.

I mean seriously...can you even stand it? How cute are they?????

nine month stats:

Anders ht: 29” wt: 22 lbs. 12 oz.
Niels ht: 29.5” wt: 22 lb. 6 oz.

Both have 8 teeth.

Only Anders can feed himself -- and that is the only difference between the two developmentally.

Neither is crawling, creeping, walking, or pulling himself up. I'm not complaining!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

sweet love

these are the most chocolaty chocolate cookies...perfect for a true chocaholic like me....

For some reason, the past few weeks I have done one heckuva lot of baking of Valentine sweet treats. After the holidays, all my two older ones talked about was that Valentine's day was I prepped for the Day of Love with lots of heart treats (with the help of their lil hands of course!).

these are reminiscent of the "pink cookies" I used to gobble up in college

I made these red velvet cupcakes for Soren's class valentine party

these were Soren's valentines he handed out; he made the pink hearts and wrote every child's, and teachers', name

Anna Clara loves to paint, so she painted a sheet of paper with all sorts of colors then cut out the hearts. I forgot to take a picture of the whole group of them -- they were so pretty! The teacher did not like it that she didn't write her name on each of them... It was hard enough to get her to cut out the hearts, believe me!!

Other than baking, I've been taking care of my other sweet loves....

my love pimps (I took this picture a few months ago, but these outfits have hearts on them so I just had to post them today.)

This is how my boys spent most of their Valentine's day...and every day....

All my little sweet loves!! (Soren and Anna Clara took turns taking pictures...lots of pictures...and these two were the only ones worth sharing. My big sweet love came home too late from work to join the love fest....)

I hope you had a Valentine's Day filled with sweet treats and sweet loves!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

super day!!

They did it!!!!

prepping for the game

we start 'em young!


the cheese curds were delivered from Wisconsin (where else??)...

...and served. (we brought the cheese, the Pats fans brought the whine...nyuk nyuk...)

Jim made some beer 'n brats (it wouldn't be a Packer game without 'em!!)

Homemade potato chips, cheesecake brownies, chips 'n homemade more food from was a Super Feast!! (There was lots more food upstairs too.)

My man set this up. The radio was playing the game all night.

No Steelers fans showed up. Hm. this game going to get started or what?

My boy Niels. There is a little bit of green 'n gold on that sweater. (I shamefully only have one baby Packer outfit....)

Touch-ups during half-time.

Oh yeah. Da Pack is BACK!!

That is one happy daddy.

Fun was had by all!! It was a great game.

My babe blends into me....

Yes, I am saying "CHEEEEEEESE!!!!!" (I truly am the cheesiest.)