Sunday, October 31, 2010


We had ourselves some random costumes this year -- due to a mom with a very random brain these days.... Basically, my mindset is: whatever is easiest to make it happen, do it that way!

The "ladybug princess" at her preschool party.

A Cuban friend gave her the dress, and she became the "ladybug princess"!

Our lil bat boy.

I loved the nose, but it kept falling off.

He loved the wings.

The token pic with our pup diva.

Daddy decided he wanted to buy some baby afros. Why, you ask? He thought they would be funny. Well, they were......

I then just had to buy one for daddy.

The 'fros are kinda hard to see with the black background.

Sugared teethies.

Sugared up kiddos with their loot.

Monday, October 18, 2010

fall moments


some punkins from our garden

the last of the summer blooms

view from our back window on a fall morn

our harvest

our joys

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

chalk people

I was in the middle of my daily frenzy when two of my fave lil people came inside and interrupted my frenziness to tell me they were "chalking each other" and to come and see. I'm so glad they love to tell me what they are doing because more often than not it is very much worth seeing. Mostly, I just love seeing how much fun they have together.

Note that Anna Clara is pink and has curly hair. Yes, that is what that blob is on the top of her head. Those are curls. And she's a girl, so she is pink. That's what they said anyway.

I love that they are holding hands and oh so happy.