Monday, January 24, 2011

pack 'n play

It's been a bit of a rough few weeks round these parts....

We have all been sick in one way or another with the typical winter sickies.

Mr. Incredible has had a horrible and constant (and loud!) cough, the older two have had strep, the younger two have had goopy, stuffy noses to the point where it is difficult for them to eat and sleep...which has made it difficult for momma to get much sleep with one of them waking up every single night...and a tired momma is not a healthy, happy, patient momma.....

There have been quite a few snow days, so quite a few days of hibernation with four young kiddos and a hubby who has been traveling and working long hours...

...and dealing with the overwhelming amount of stuff you have to deal with as the executor of his parents' will -- like selling the home where a family of five children were born and raised.

And our snowblower broke. Again.

So....let's just say that this past Sunday was a welcome reprieve.

What happened this past Sunday???? Y'mean....... you don't know?????!!!!

The Packers beat the Bears and they're GOIN' TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!

Mr. Incredible hails from Green Bay, WI where the Pack is not just a team.

It's a way of life.

He never -- ever -- misses a game.

He's had a rough couple months. But he is a happy man now that his team is headed to the Big Game.

So in two Sundays from now, you best be rootin' for the green 'n gold.

ps: I just returned from the doctor and discovered that both my boys have double ear infections. And we've only had one month of winter behind us.....three more to go!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day!

Our first real blizzard and snow day of the winter! Yippee! Oh how we love snow days!! Here's a lil summary of our day....

They were fed, dressed and had some sledding time in before the usual time of the bus arrival. Too bad I can't get them going that fast on a school day.....

It was SO very windy!

Them are some red cheeks and ears! Evidence of the cold, blustery day....

Some of my favorite moments of the day were seeing my lil ones get dressed AND undressed AND hanging up all their clothes all by themselves....oh what a nice relief for me!!!!

See how high the snow is mommy? (This was repeated several times throughout the day.)

She loves snow ALMOST as much as her mommy. Almost.

Can I come in now? Please?

No hot cocoa for these snowbirds! They wanted ice cream cones after sledding!

Hangin' with the babes....

Doesn't everyone make chocolate chip cookies on a snowy day?

The ultimate comfort food. So much yumminess for our day of hibernation. (A little too much yumminess...I ate one heckuva lot of these.....)

Anna Clara doesn't understand that the boys go on the mat, not the toys!

Nuthin' like a hot bath at the end of a cold, snowy day!

Ok mommy, do you really need to take a picture of me like this?

We ended the day with another comfort food -- chili!! Pork and black bean chili....YUM!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

quadruple happy new year!

What makes my new year quadruple the happy:

Have a happy, happy, happy, happy new year!

the happy holidays

I was a bit busy over the holidays, so I will recap with a few pics:

my pilgrim girl

Thanksgiving, sadly without both Mr. Incredible and his dad (I had bought a rather large turkey thinking there would be more people joining us for the meal....)

There were decorations put up.... Jim put all -- the many! -- outdoor decorations up on a Saturday and the next day there was a huge rain and wind storm and blew them all down.... The Christmas decoration graveyard in our front yard was so very sad! So sad, I didn't take any pictures of it....

one of many contributions to the indoor decorations from 1st grade art class

the reason for the season

the guy who makes the season jolly and magical for lil ones

the stockings were hung...and two were made the night before Christmas Eve so that Santa didn't leave anyone out....

the tree was decorated

paper gingerbread houses were made (completely on his own, I might add)

LOTS of treats were baked

the traditional reading of "'Twas the Night" on Christmas Eve

Santa had worked his magic

yes, it was a full moon that night -- providing Santa with plenty of light outside!

Christmas morning waiting for mommy to give the go-ahead to see all of Santa's magic

Santa, his reindeer and mice were hungry! And Santa even left a note!

opening gifts!

while the boys so happily watched -- not a peep the entire morning...

...other than some laughs!

And there was snow and sledding the following week with no school....

It was a very busy and exhausting holiday...but FILLED with joy, love and magical moments.