Saturday, September 27, 2008


Ahhh...those breathtaking moments of my many to share, so little time to blog....


Yes, my farm boy not only grew the punkins and the corn, but built the display...all by himself. Only those who have known me for many moons can appreciate all that is oh so "amy" about this display...not even the farmer himself knows. He just did it because he had it in his head to do it. Oh so familiar a mind he has........

So I'm chit chatting away with my kidlings while they are eating breakfast and I look at Anna Clara goin' about her bizness with a lil sumthin' on her cheek (which she never noticed until Soren took it off and showed it to her after I took the pic). That thing was perd'near (I have to add a few of Jim's Wisonsinisms every once in a while just to keep this blog a Family Thing) glued on..and oh so cute.

This is the first Halloween that my lil boy has voiced any opinion about what he wants to be. I took this picture and have no idea how it came out like this, but it sure gives you a clue of what his costume will be!

Any guesses?

I am SO excited to get sewing!! Why am I blogging when I could be sewing?? Uh oh. I think I'm getting hooked.... Maybe one day I will actually send this out to people.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So I was flipping through my latest edition of "Martha Stewart Living" last night and Soren happened to look over my shoulder when I came upon a recipe for soft pretzels. I said, "Ooooo....look Soren! Pretzels! Maybe we should make some tomorrow!" He immediately exclaimed (while jumping up and down), "Yes! Yes! Yes! Let's make pretzels tomorrow!" Who needs more inspiration than that to make something happen? Well then....I was tucking him into bed and told him he had to stay in bed and go to sleep because "tomorrow we're going to make pretzels!" His face could not have expressed more bliss...and then came the true sign of a 4-year old's desperate desire to be good so good things will come, he actually did NOT get out of bed with some form of procrastination tactic. That boy wanted to make those pretzels!

Needless to say, "So can we make pretzels now?" were the first words out of his mouth the next morning.

How could I possibly NOT make pretzels????

And for the "breathtaking moment" finale..... Upon taking a bite from the pretzel, Soren exclaimed, "Mommy! This tastes just like a New York City pretzel!" Could he possibly have said anything better than that about my pretzels?????


Thursday, September 11, 2008

best of friends

With Soren at school three mornings a week, Anna Clara has had no problem filling the void:

And then she took the toys outside:

JoiVie NEVER complains...she just plays along and loves the company. That's m'girl!

I also can't help but add that 7 years ago today I was a very sad, single gal trying to deal with a horrible attack on our country. I hope I never forget what I felt that day.

I am so very grateful to be an American citizen with a healthy, happy family to take care of and hopefully protect from the negative "vibes" of the least as much as I possibly can. There are so very many things to be grateful for and my hope is that more children are growing up with happy, appreciative hearts rather than mean-spirited, irrational angst against people they have never met.

Upon recovering from the shock of it all, the following March, I decided to get online and meet a single friend to share some fun times -- and on the 17th I met Jim. The rest, as they say, is history....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the first day was Soren's first day of school and the first day that I will officially begin to blog. I hope I can keep this going.... I turned 40 this past weekend so I've had a few big milestones this week and I want to capture these moments that are truly taking my breath away.

There are no words to describe Soren this morning. He inhabited a world of pure joy of anticipation and thorough appreciation of the moment. It was so much fun to be his mother today. He was at his best behavior and wanting only good things in his world of joy. Here are just some of the captured moments (taken with my brand new amazing camera from my wonderful hubby who gave it to me for my birthday!)....

And here is my boy with his loving sister and daddy:

JOY JOY JOY! All around....

10 years ago this week I started a graphic design company and this week I enter the world of sending my children off to school every September. Life just gets better with each decade!