Thursday, April 18, 2013

she's 7!

She turned 7 on April 5th.

Today is April....18ish....if I actually complete this post today. As per my last post, you have some idea of why I haven't posted anything until now. There have been about 3 showings a week at our house. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a 4-story (including basement) house "museum clean" with 4 children and a pup? You don't wanna know.....

So back to my sweet, kind, responsible, beautiful-inside-and-out little girl who just turned 7. (She doesn't really like frosting, so I asked her if she would prefer another type of dessert, so she asked for her favorite cookie, Molasses. They are a fave with all my kidlings. I have my own recipe I made up to fit my need for a thick, chewy, scrumptious cookie like the ones they have at Starbucks -- but better, of course. I'll share it when I start my cooking blog...some day......)

We went to NYC for Easter the weekend before her birthday and I couldn't resist buying her an early gift. It was worth the "million dollar smile" (as her daddy says) to buy something she picked out.

I made cake balls for her class cuz her birthday was on a school day. Rebel that I am, I went against the "no birthday treats" and "healthy snack" rules at her school. They were a hit. Duh!

She loves the "I Spy" books and games, so I thought it would be fun to have an "I Spy" party. I thought it was an original idea...but of course it's not. Just check out Pinterest and you can find ideas for any "original idea" you think up.

First we had a scavenger hunt with her six cute friends she invited.

Then some chatting and eating and coloring on the tablecloth.

The "centerpiece" was a random assortment of I Spy-ish shtuff.

She helped me decorate the cake.

That girl is dang cute. Her Nana made the dress for her cousin...she's the youngest girl cousin so she gets lots of adorable hand-me-downs.

The 8th candle for good luck in the coming year. I sure hope we have lots of good luck in our big year ahead! Regardless, I will always be lucky to be the mother of this girl.


calibosmom said...

A very sweet birthday for a very sweet little lady!

namaste said...

i LOVE the age 7! such a fun age! she looks like she had quite the awesome birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet girl. that's a beautiful daisy dress she's wearing :)

Heather said...

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